Keeping Safety in the Workplace First Priority

No matter where you work, whether it’s in an office or at a restaurant, safety is becoming a primary concern for many workers across the country. With the frequency of active shooter situations occurring each year, some may wonder if their workplace will be targeted next. Even less violent crimes such as theft or a data breach are still concerning for a business. Luckily, there are solutions to each of these scenarios that can provide some hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Remote Access and Automation

 Sometimes a security threat becomes real from a simple act of forgetting to set the alarm system. With wireless technology, cloud capabilities, and automated systems, businesses can dramatically decrease the chance of these accidents occurring. Not only do newer technologies make it easier to arm your building, but wireless systems make it easier to move if you change locations. There’s no need to unplug a network of wires and try to keep the system undamaged in the midst of a move with wireless technology. This has been a huge change in commercial security systems as of late.

Video Surveillance

 Video monitoring is beneficial for a handful of reasons. First, indoor surveillance can record both patron and employee behaviors, which is especially helpful if theft is suspected. Just the presence of a camera can sometimes deter a crime from occurring. Cameras can also record the events leading up to an injury on your property, which is also beneficial for compensation cases. Lastly, video recordings can also alert security guards to a suspicious person on the premises to possibly prevent a violent act from occurring. Any business large or small can benefit from security cameras in and around their building.

Detection Devices

 Most buildings have fire, smoke, and CO2 detection devices, which all help increase physical safety at the place of work. Some businesses may also be in need of temperature sensors, such as too high or too low, that can alert quickly management to an issue before it’s too late. Low temperature sensors are prudent in areas with water pipes, as pipes can burst if the room is too cold. Other types of sensors are especially important in volatile workplaces, such in a chemistry lab or energy plant. A new type of sensor has emerged in recent times, and that is the gunshot detector. Obviously, this has many benefits in the event of a shooting situation. These can alert authorities right away, as well as secure the building without personnel having to do it. Workplace security has come a long way in the last half-decade, unfortunately out of necessity, but all workers are better off with these safety innovations.

Often a business will not think too much about security until they’ve already experienced a threat and damage has been done. But, businesses that are proactive in their security measures can rest soundly knowing they have done all that they can do to ensure the safety of their workers and company.